Streaming your live music to the Internet wirelessly.
Others can hear you and support you online.

AMP-U is a wireless broadcasting system to streamline your busking experience.
Connect to AMP-U and your live show is online!

When you perform on stage or on the street, AMP-U takes away all those cumbersome cables for mics and music instruments. It frees you up to move around!

Sounds from different sources are recorded separately and uploaded online simultaneously to let your fans share the moment with you.

Music is mixed to provide 3D sound effect for the Internet audience, immersing them in the sensational live-performance!

Let the world hear you and build up your fans base! Connect to AMP-U!

Wireless Digital Audio

Plug and play, remove cumbersome cables.

Multiple Audio Streaming

Make listener live in the same room.

Streaming to the Internet

Let your fans find you and support you.


Samuel Ip


Experience in WiFi and Bluetooth technology, mp3 codecs and digital audio filters.

Simon Wun

VP of Research

Experience in sound synthesis, algorithmic composition, and new musical interfaces.


Address: Unit 105C, 1/F, IC Development Centre, No. 6 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T